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October 13, 2014 Disorders

Adjustment Disorders

Most people go through many changes in the course of their lives and manage to adjust to the changes. People that suffer from adjustment disorders are not as easily able to deal with change. Adjustment disorders are stress related disorders that are brought about by changes. The “adjustment” to a new routine or to a new place to live can trigger a host of negative feelings and behaviors.

Adjustment disorders are a type of mental illness that can make someone feel extremely depressed or even suicidal when there are changes to a daily routine. This is a mental illness that can be brought on by some of the simplest changes. It can be brought on by a move, a change in jobs, a change of schools basically any change that effects how a daily routine plays out.

There are some key symptoms that are associated with these type of disorders that may include but are not limited to:

• Feelings of hopelessness
• Feelings of severe anxiety when faced with changes
• Panic attacks when faced with changes
• Inability to sleep or disrupted sleep due to the concerns about the change
• Thoughts of suicide

Some behaviors when suffering from adjustment disorders include:

• Reckless behaviors (driving too fast or after drinking, fighting, arguing)
• Avoidance behaviors (ignoring calls from friends or family, strained personal relationships, not paying bills, returning calls for business)
• Missing work/school without cause

Each person reacts differently to adjustment issues. Typically the length of time that these type of disorders are present are about 6 months in an acute case. In chronic cases the period may go beyond 6 months.

In both chronic and acute cases treatment is available.


There are treatment protocols for adjustment disorders that can help you control the behavior and the feelings that are associated with these disorders. In many cases both medication and counseling are used to assist in the hoped for positive outcome of these disorders.

Very rarely is inpatient treatment necessary. This type of mental health issue is relatively easy to overcome with the right treatment and commitment however if suicidal ideology exists that inpatient treatment may be necessary to keep someone from harming themselves.

This is a serious condition that can effect your life with tons of negative impacts. Getting treatment and living life to the fullest is completely possible. Contact a doctor or call 911 if you're in need of more help.

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