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October 25, 2014 Health Articles

Benefits of Healthy Relationships

If you have ever stopped to think about the relationships you have with other people in your life, you may realize that some of those relationships are healthy and some of those relationships are unhealthy. It can be a challenge to confront problems in an unhealthy relationship, but there are so many benefits to healthy relationships that you owe it to yourself to try to make all of your relationships as healthy as possible. All kinds of relationships: romantic relationships, family relationships, coworker relationships, friend relationships: can provide benefits that influence every aspect of your life.

Healthy Relationships Motivate You toward Self-Improvement

One of the best ways to get motivated to do something you want to do is to share that goal with someone else. When you have a healthy relationship with someone, you can share your goals with them and they will be supportive, possibly even joining you in pursuing that goal. You may tell your friends that you want to lose weight, and friends with whom you share a healthy relationship will likely be happy to support you in that goal by making healthy food choices with you or exercising with you to keep you motivated to maintain healthy habits. Having that kind of support is tremendously helpful for succeeding in your goals.

Healthy Relationships Provide Valuable Social Time

As humans, we are social creatures. Being around other people is natural for us, and when you have healthy relationships, you enjoy spending time with those people. People with whom you share healthy relationships will keep you company when you are lonely, make you feel good about yourself, and lend a supportive ear when you want to talk about something that is bothering you. After coming away from a pleasant lunch with a friend, you can feel great for the rest of the day, especially when you remember that you have provided happiness to your friend as well because you are the source of a healthy relationship in their life.

Healthy Relationships Open Doors to Opportunity

It’s true what they say: sometimes, it’s all about who you know. It may be the influence or connections of a good friend or family member that will inspire you to apply for a college you’ve wanted to attend, or go after that great job in your field. When you have a healthy relationship with someone, they will want you to succeed, so they will want to utilize their resources to help you succeed in any way they can. This is why so much emphasis is placed on networking in the professional world. Never take your colleagues or family friends for granted, because one day they may be able to provide you with valuable opportunities.

Healthy Relationships Improve Your Life

When you are constantly motivated to improve your life, when you have supportive people around you to give you a thriving social life, and when you have resourceful allies who will help you succeed, you are bound to have a satisfying, happy life. Healthy relationships provide all of these things and more, so cherish your healthy relationships and remember to do everything you can to nurture the health of those relationships so you can enjoy them for many years to come.

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