What are the color coding & biohazard label requirements?

The Bloodborne Pathogens Standard is used to disclose potential hazards, so ensure you use the proper labels and signs to communicate hazards to workers (see example images).

The right warning labels must be attached to these containers:
  • Containers for contaminated reusable sharps
  • Regulated waste
  • Freezers and fridges housing OPIM or blood
  • Any other containers used to store, ship or transport OPIM or blood
  • Containers or bags carrying contaminated laundry
  • Contaminated equipment being serviced or shipped

In facilities, red bags or containers can be used instead of labels. However, signs must be posted on all doors in HIV/HBV research laboratories or production facilities where infected animals or OPIM in containment modules are present. Before working with HIV or HBV, employees should have prior knowledge and experience in handling tissue cultures or human pathogens.

The biohazard symbol will have to be in a contrasting color to a fluorescent orange and/or red background.