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October 14, 2014 Health Articles

Therapy for ALS

Ideally it would be fantastic for the therapy associated with ALS to come in a convenient small little pill but unfortunately it is far more in-depth than that. There are a variety of different ways that individuals suffering from this disease can receive assistance in regards to ALS ranging from gene therapies to physical therapy. With the use of therapy for ALS, patients can experience a higher quality of life and not have to worry about their body degrading over a shortened period of time. Not to mention that it can also be far more advantageous for family members who do not want to see their loved ones suffer through the disease.

Physical Therapy for ALS

When your doctor has diagnosed you with this degenerative disease, they will generally provide you with information on how you can slow down the effects of the disease and ensure that you have the highest quality of life possible. Physical therapy for ALS is a great way to make sure that you experience mobility for as long as possible during the beginning stages of the disease. You will have the opportunity to visit a highly trained professional who will give you advice about how you can stretch your muscles and even try to build muscle to promote strength. With the help of physical therapy, you won’t have to worry about quick muscle degeneration.

Mental Therapy for ALS

Being diagnosed with a degenerative disease is something that many people find quite difficult to live with and for good reason. Although you may be surrounded by friends and family members through every stage of the disease, it can be beneficial to seek guidance from a trained professional. Seeking the counsel of a psychologist or psychiatrist will help to ensure that your emotional stable throughout the entire process. A therapist will also give you coping mechanisms that you can use to your advantage to stay strong as the disease develops. Plus, your entire family can have therapy sessions to discuss what is associated with the development of ALS and how they can help you to live a better life.

Gene Therapy for ALS

Researchers are currently delving into the possibility of using gene therapies to help treat the issues associated with ALS. The main purpose behind gene therapies is to ensure that the body is receiving supportive molecules that help to prevent muscles from experiencing atrophy. With the use of targeting RNA helpers that are used to change your genes into proteins, researchers believe that they may be able to prevent the development of ALS.

Though it is important to remember that ALS is a disease that is relatively unknown, scientists are considering whether there are specific cells in the body that are responsible for the development of the disease. They are also looking into the possibility of cells existing that instigate the process of developing ALS. Receiving a better understanding of these cells will help researchers to design new therapeutic methods to help patients.

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