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October 13, 2014 Disorders

Addiction Disorders

There are many different types of addiction disorders. The most commonly referred addiction disorders are drugs and alcohol although they are by no means the only types of disorders. Addiction can be both physical and mental. It is a form of mental illness and is a disease.

The physical parts of addiction disorders are typically closely related to drug and alcohol use. There are certain substances that can be abused that become a physical addiction issue. Things like certain pharmaceutical drugs and illicit street drugs can become a physical addiction. A physical addiction typically has a psychological component to while a psychological addiction does not have to have a physical component to it. Physical addiction is when the body becomes dependent on a substance to function. Withdrawing from a physical addiction can be deadly without medical help.

Psychological addiction is when someone believes they have to have something or their life will end but their body can function fine without it.

The Behavior

Addiction disorders are most easily identified by someone's behavior. Shopping can be an addiction, eating can be an addiction, gambling can be a an addiction and of course habitual drug use and drinking are also addiction. There are certain key elements that can be identified when someone has an addiction to something.

• Inability to get through the day without “it”
• Lying about the activity
• Risk taking behavior to feed the addiction
• Denying the addiction exists
• Financial problems because of the addiction
• Legal issues
• Stealing
• Relationship issues because of the addictive behavior
• Excess consumption/excess or exaggerated behavior when it comes to the addiction

All of the above are common behavior traits in someone that is addicted. They are not the only traits but they are the most common. Addiction disorders can easily change a persons personality and they are very rarely the only mental illness present. Addiction disorders are typically the result of other mental health issues like depression, bi poplar disorder and other disorders.

Addiction disorders are the way that some people are able to “self medicate” or “handle life”.

Getting Help

There are programs worldwide that focus on addiction. These programs are in both residential and outpatient settings. Sometimes referred to as “rehab” these programs can help someone that is suffering from addiction disorders get their life back on track.

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