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October 12, 2014 Health Articles
What Are Causes of Lung Cancer?

Lung cancer is one of the most common types of cancer in the United States and almost 15% of new cancer cases each year are attributed to this type. Lung cancer involves the growth and rapid production of abnormal cells within the lungs that negatively effects the function and shape. This results in tumor growth that can further disturb and inhibit the overall function of the lungs. Since lung cancer is so common, it is important to understand the causes that it can be linked to.

Smoking is the Most Common Cause

One of the most common causes of lung cancer can be attributed to smoking. Many of the substances that are found in tobacco are linked to cancer and are known carcinogens. This means that tobacco products are filled with cancer-causing ingredients. In many cases of lung cancer, it is these carcinogens that cause cell damage within the lungs. Once cells are damaged, it is normally only a period of time before cancer growth occurs.

Are All Smokers Diagnosed With Lung Cancer?

Even though smoking is found to be the most common cause of lung cancer, it is impossible to predict each smoker’s risk of developing this form of cancer over time. The factors of smoking that have the most impact on the onset of lung cancer include the age when smoking began, the period of time that smoking has taken place and the number of cigarettes that are smoked daily. It is important to note that not every smoker gets lung cancer and not all individuals with lung cancer are smokers. This means that smoking is a main cause, but it is not the only cause of lung cancer.

Other Causes

Even though you may not smoke, being exposed to passive smoking can also cause lung cancer. Being exposed to asbestos or other cancer-causing agents at work can also lead to lung cancer. Radiation exposure and exposure to radon gas are also known causes. Individuals that smoke and exposed to these cancer causing agents increase their chances of lung cancer diagnosis by high rates.

Are You At Risk?

Some research on lung cancer causes has found that many individuals are simply more at risk for developing this type of cancer than others. These individuals are not able to deal with cancer-causing agents in their body and smoking only results in higher risk.

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