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October 17, 2014 Disorders

Depersonalization Disorder

Depersonalization disorder is relatively uncommon. It is presented with symptoms of not feeling connected to one's body. Feelings of being disconnected from ones thoughts, body parts or feelings is also commonly used to describe symptoms of this disorder.

This disorder can cause depression, self harm, panic, anxiety attacks and extreme phobias among other mental issues. Depersonalization disorder can also cause a host of physical maladies like blurred vision, nausea, chest pain and a feeling of tingling in the extremities.

The Causes

Like most mental health problems there is not one particular trigger that can set this disorder into motion however there are several situations that are thought to promote this disease. Those that have:

• suffered through a traumatic life event
• were abused as children
• were sexually abused
• suffer from severe panic attacks
• were involved in a war
• were involved in a natural disaster
• bad drug experience

There may be other situations that can bring this disorder to the forefront as well. Each person is different so it is hard to come up with one complete cause but the majority of people that do suffer from this disorder do have one or more of the above situations in common.

The Treatments

Depersonalization disorder is a treatable disorder that can combine both medication and therapy. Of course the primary cause of the disorder has to be addressed to help the healing process. In many cases of this disorder once the primary issue has been resolved than the disorder itself will disappear.

In many cases simply acknowledging that there is a disorder present is enough to start the healing process as most patients with this disorder feel that there is something deeply wrong and that their situation is completely unique. Recognizing that this is a diagnosable disorder can help anyone that is afflicted with this mental health issue start the healing process.

Treatment typically includes therapy and treating the underlying condition. In the cases where drug use is the issue than other therapies may be required like addiction therapies. In cases where drug use is the cause once the use ceases so does the depersonalization disorder.

There is some anecdotal evidence that treatment with the Iboga plant has helped to reverse the effects but this is a very unconventional treatment option that does not have any formal studies to support the idea that treatment is successful.

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