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October 25, 2014 Health Articles

What Is the PH Miracle Diet?

A lot of people have heard about the PH Miracle Diet and wonder “what is the PH Miracle diet? “The PH Miracle Diet is the brainchild of Dr. Robert O Young. Dr. Young has taken a different approach to what makes us sick and what is the cause of aging. The PH Miracle Diet is Dr. Young's answer to living a healthier live void of disease.

Dr. Young has hypothesized that because the PH is unbalanced in many people it allows germs and other disease to take hold. He also believes that weight gain, sluggishness and generally not feeling well all comes down to the PH level in our bodies being off kilter.

His studies include looking at the causes of obesity. It is his belief that our bodies are finely tuned machines that we are sabotaging by eating foods that are body is not prepared to handle. The homeostasis and PH balance in our bodies is the all-important key factor according to Dr. Young.

Drink Your Greens

The most basic tenet of the PH Miracle Diet is that our bodies produce extra fat cells to carry away the abundance of acids that we consume every day in the form of animal proteins, sugars and other foods that are converted into acids in the body.

Our addictions to these foods is causing a toxic environment in our bodies that causes us not to be able to thrive. The good news is the damage is reversible according to the PH Miracle Diet.

By giving up acid causing foods like white bread, sugary drinks and foods and replacing them with green leafy vegetables and whole grains and soy nuts we can start the healing process.

Making smoothies out of green vegetables can help you to get all the greens you need in one simple drink.

Foods to Avoid

There are very highly acidic foods that you should make a minimum part of your diet. What is the PH Miracle Diet foods to avoid? Meats like lamb, chicken, turkey, crustaceans, beef and chicken should only make up a small portion of your diet. Dairy products like milk, yogurt, cheese eggs and ice cream. Drinks include beer, alcohol, carbonated drinks, traditional tea, fruit juices and dairy based smoothies.

The Balance

To get your body back in shape according to Dr. Young you need to consume 80% nonacid producing foods and 20% acid producing foods.

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